Nantes Workshop

The IMPI project has completed its second workshop of the first benchmarking round. It took place in Nantes, France on 14th September 2010. One focus was on the development of the online toolbox, which is currently available as a test version. The aim of the online toolbox is to document how the process of internationalisation is being implemented at HEIs and how achieving this objective and the quality of the efforts being made can be measured. The online toolbox supports the HEIs` efforts in its self-learning function. The final version of the toolbox will allow HEIs to select indicators relevant to their situation.

Depending on the indicators selected the value of these indicators increases in the database and thus gives a clearer, medium-term picture of the internationalisation process in European academia. Even more importantly, the participants worked on selecting the goals, actions and indicators needed for the in-group benchmarking process. These activities proved highly effective as they encouraged the participants to think both about data that can be easily acquired and also data that is less readily available but which is nevertheless highly relevant from a strategic point of view. At the end, each group had come up with a detailed list of goals, actions and indicators.